Use cases

Sounce is a modular system that can be used flexibly and according to the use case.

Testing for functionality

Quality assurance in motion: Deep Learning for functional testing of components and component groups.

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Materials testing

Non-destructive testing and new findings.

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Acoustic assessment

Acoustic testing rethought combining classical methods with Deep Learning to detect the noise of today and tomorrow.

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Five steps to AI-based noise detection

1. Listening & Recording

Test bench or station is equipped with minimally invasive sensor technology. Data acquisition is started.

2. Evaluating

The engineer documents the quality criteria of the noise detection via the software and thereby creates the basis of the AI model training.

3. Training

Based on the existing data, a deep learning algorithm is trained and made available in the cloud.

4. Monitoring & Detection

The test bench is continuously monitored and noise anomalies are automatically detected in real time. The noises can be visualised, evaluated and compared.

5. Verifying

The engineer provides feedback on the accuracy of the noise detection and optimises the algorithm in the long term.